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Frequently Asked Questions

FrontDoor offers an online user the ability to gain an idea on affordability of a new home. First time home buyers lack the confidence to inquire about home ownership because of this number one reason. Walk through the FrontDoor to set aside any doubts about affordability!

Those who have joined found that the home buying process is logical. It makes sense and anyone can determine the best path to homeownership if all of their questions are answered. Most importantly, FrontDoor enables you to know which question to ask to make your home buying experience successful.

According to our Terms & Conditions, your information will remain confidential and private. We use the latest encryption technology and maintain the highest level of security on our servers. We protect your confidential information and never share any of your data, not even your email address!
In any classroom setting, a variety of topics are discussed. It is more than likely that your questions will be answered, without even asking! Our presenters are professionals with extensive industry experience. Everyone learns including other industry professionals who attend our seminars. From first time homebuyers to seasoned investors, everyone comes away with valuable information. Best of all, we have a strict NO SALES policy. So sign up here, attend, and enjoy the free informative seminar!
Email addresses provided to us will not ever be sold, distributed, or shared with anyone. We will reach out to send you the latest newsletters or any additional information that you request. We promise not to spam you, we’re just trying to help you become a homeowner or...if you are already a homeowner, perhaps becoming a real estate investor. Either way, we’ll help you as much as you wish to be helped. You can opt-out of receiving messages from us at any time.

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